Golf Instruction Rates

Individual Instruction
Individual private lessons are approximately 35-45 minutes sessions designed to cover topics ranging from basic setup to swing mechanics.  Individual lessons may also cover various types of golf shots, as well as chipping, putting, and course strategies.  We are careful in our lessons to ensure the students are not overwhelmed with too much infomation and have ample opportunity to practice new techniques and fundamentals.  Session fess are $50 per session and include range balls.

Group Instruction
Many golfers prefer to learn golf fundamentals with friends or fellow golfers from their clubs.  Group instruction sessions normally consist of 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the group.  Groups must consist of a minimum of four golfers and a maximum of 8 golfers.  Rates may vary depending upon the requirements of each group; however, group rates are normally $90 per person.
Rick Hetzel, USGTF Instructor
Old Sport Golf Academy
Cape Girardeau, Missouri